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There are many types of electronic components, such as military ICs, audio ICs, power ICs, computer ICs, image ICs, network card ICs, etc. Chip manufacturer and chip sales both troubled by the problem of excess inventory. This will limit the development of the company and cause tight cash flow. But electronic recycling companies can help you solve the surplus problem.Excess-IC Technology is a company that specializes in recycling electronic components, to help you to focus on your business instead of inventory. If you got chips that we didn't mentioned, we can also recycle them after evaluation.

Long-term high price acquisition of various camera chips
Recycling brands are OmniVision, Vimicro, Micron, Hynix, Sonix, Sony, SHARP, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, NEC, Fuji, etc.
Camera chip types: camera chip, camera module, mobile phone camera chip, surveillance camera chip, digital camera sensor chip, analog image sensor, digital image sensor, image processor, CCD chip, CMOS chip.

ZC0301 ZC0301Plus ZC0301PL ZC0301PLH ZC0302
VC0303 VC0305 VC0321 VC0323 VC0325 VC0326
VC0326( UVC ) VC0301PLNV VC0331 VC0332 VC0336 
VC0303 VC0321 VC0331 VC0332 VC0333 VC0334
VC0336 VC0528 VC0548 VC0558 VC0568 VC0917
VC0927 VC0937 VC0918 VC0928 VC0938 VC0947
VC0968 VC0978 VC0838 VC0858SUNA VC0868SVNC
VC0701 VC0702 VC0702Plus VC0703 VC0706
Vilar-1 Vilar-2 Vilar-3 VC081X VC0821 VC0824
OV09655-G00A OV09655-G03A OV09665-G03A OV10121-C48A OV10121-Q48V
OV10620-C48A OV10620-Q48V OVM6680-R25A OVM7690-R20A OVM7692-R25A
OV2640-G00A OV2640-G03A OV2640-V38A OV2650-G00A OV2650-G04A
OV2650-V38A OV3640-G00A OV3640-G04A OV3640-G04A OV3640-V56A
OV3647-G04A OV3647-V47A OV3650-A65A OV3650-G04A OV5116-C28N
OV5116-C28P OV5620-C48A OV5620-G00A OV5623-G00A OV5630-G00A
OV5630-G04A OV5630-V58A OV5633-C48A OV5633-T48A OV5642-A63A
OV5642-G04A OV6680-V23A OV6690-A20A OV6920-V09N OV6930-A08A
OV7211-C48A OV7211-F48V OV7221-C28A OV7451-C48N OV7451-F48V
OV7670-G00A OV7670-G03A OV7670-V24A OV7680-G00A OV7680-G03A
OV7680-V24A OV7690-A20A OV7692-A25A OV7710-C48A OV7710-F48V
OV7720-V28A OV7725-G00A OV7725-V28A OV7738-A20A OV7738-G00A
OV7740-A32A OV7740-C48A OV7740-G00A OV7949-C48N OV7949-C48P
OV7949-Q48V OV7950-C48N OV7950-F48V OV7960-C48A OV7960-E62V
OV8810-A67A OV8810-G00A OV8812-A67A OV8812-G00A OV9211-V28A
OV9655-V28A OV9656-V28A OV9665-V26A OV9710-V28A OV9810-T52A

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