LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

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(Summary description)LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

(Summary description)LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

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Product Overview

The LT ®1014 is the first precision quad operational amplifier which directly upgrades designs in the industry standard 14-pin DIP LM324/LM348/OP-11/4156 pin configuration. It is no longer necessary to compromise specifications, while saving board space and cost, as compared to single operational amplifiers.


This blog will introduce LT1014 systematically from its features, pinout to its specifications, applications, also including LT1014 datasheet and so much more.


LT1014 Features

  • Single Supply Operation

Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground

Output Swings to Ground While Sinking Current

  • Pin Compatible to 1458 and 324 with Precision Specs
  • Guaranteed Offset Voltage: 150μV Max
  • Guaranteed Low Drift: 2μV/°C Max
  • Guaranteed Offset Current: 0.8nA Max
  • Guaranteed High Gain

5mA Load Current: 1.5 Million Min

17mA Load Current: 0.8 Million Min

  • Guaranteed Low Supply Current: 500μA Max
  • Low Voltage Noise, 0.1Hz to 10Hz: 0.55μVP-P
  • Low Current Noise—Better than 0P-07, 0.07pA/√Hz


LT1014 Pinout

The following figure is the diagram of LT1014 pinout.


LT1014 Pinout

LT1014 Pinout


LT1014 Pin Configuration

Pin No Pin Name Description
1 OUTPUT A Output Of Amplifier A
2 INV-INPUT A Inverting Input Of Amplifier A
3 NON-INV-INPUT A Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier A
4 V+ Positive Power Supply
5 INV-INPUT B Inverting Input Of Amplifier B
6 NON-INV-INPUT B Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier B
7 OUTPUT B Output Of Amplifier B
8 OUTPUT C Output Of Amplifier C
9 INV-INPUT C Inverting Input Of Amplifier C
10 NON-INV-INPUT C Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier C
11 V- Negative Power Supply
12 NON-INV-INPUT D Non Inverting Input Of Amplifier D
13 INV-INPUT D Inverting Input Of Amplifier D
14 OUTPUT D Output Of Amplifier D


LT1014 Applications

  • Battery-Powered Precision Instrumentation

 Strain Gauge Signal Conditioners

 Thermocouple Amplifiers

 Instrumentation Amplifiers

  • 4mA to 20mA Current Loop Transmitters
  • Multiple Limit Threshold Detection
  • Active Filters
  • Multiple Gain Blocks


LT1014 Equivalent



LT1014 Circuit Diagram

The following is the circuit diagram of LT1014.


50MHz Thermal RMS-to-DC Converter

50MHz Thermal RMS-to-DC Converter


5V Single Supply Dual Instrumentation Amplifier

5V Single Supply Dual Instrumentation Amplifier


Hot-Wire Anemometer

Hot-Wire Anemometer


LT1014 Schematic Diagram

The architecture and pin configuration of LT1014 is shown in the picture below.


LT1014 Schematic Diagram

LT1014 Schematic Diagram


LT1014 Package

The following diagram shows the LT1014 package.


LT1014 Package

LT1014 Package


LT1014 Specification

Manufacturer: Linear Technology
Average Bias Current-Max (IIB): 0.038 µA
Input Offset Voltage-Max: 1000 µV
Neg Supply Voltage Limit-Max:  -22 V
Neg Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup):  -15 V
Operating Temperature-Max: 70 °C
Length: 10.3 mm


LT1014 Manufacturer

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), also known simply as Analog, is an American multinational semiconductor company specializing in data conversion, signal processing and power management technology, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts. In 2012, Analog Devices led the worldwide data converter market with a 48.5% share, according to analyst firm Databeans.


LT1014 Datasheet

You can download LT1014 datasheet from the link given below:

LT1014 Datasheet


Using Warnings

Note: Please check their parameters and pin configuration before replacing them in your circuit.


LT1014 FAQ

What is an Operational Amplifier?

An operational amplifier is an integrated circuit that can amplify weak electric signals. An operational amplifier has two input pins and one output pin. Its basic role is to amplify and output the voltage difference between the two input pins.


What is the difference between amplifier and operational amplifier?

Amplifiers can be either electronic or mechanical in common definition whereas operational amplifiers are electronic amplifiers. Amplifiers, in general, have a limited capability of amplifying DC signals but all op-amps are capable of amplifying DC signals.


What is bandwidth of op amp?

The operational amplifiers bandwidth is the frequency range over which the voltage gain of the amplifier is above 70.7% or -3dB (where 0dB is the maximum) of its maximum output value as shown below.


What is the purpose of op-amp?

The fundamental function of an op-amp is to greatly amplify the differential between the two inputs, and output the result. If input at V(+) is greater than at V(−), the op-amp will amplify and output a positive signal; if V(−) is greater, the op-amp will output an amplified negative signal.


Why are op-amps useful?

Op-amps are still a primary building block for analog systems, performing tasks like amplification, active filtering, and signal transformation. In digital systems, op-amps are used in buffers, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, and regulated power supplies, to name a few applications.



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LT1014 Op Amp: Datasheet, Pinout, Equivalent

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