CY62256NLL-70PXC IC: Pinouts, Datasheet, Features

CY62256NLL-70PXC IC: Pinouts, Datasheet, Features

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(Summary description)CY62256NLL-70PXC IC: Pinouts, Datasheet, Features

CY62256NLL-70PXC IC: Pinouts, Datasheet, Features

(Summary description)CY62256NLL-70PXC IC: Pinouts, Datasheet, Features

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-27 17:31
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Product Overview

The CY62256N is a high performance CMOS static RAM organized as 32K words by 8 bits. Easy memory expansion is provided by an active LOW chip enable (CE) and active LOW output enable (OE) and tristate drivers. This device has an automatic power-down feature, reducing the power consumption by 99.9 percent when deselected.


An active LOW write enable signal (WE) controls the writing/reading operation of the memory. When CE and WE inputs are both LOW, data on the eight data input/output pins (I/O0 through I/O7) is written into the memory location addressed by the address present on the address pins (A0 through A14).


Reading the device is accomplished by selecting the device and enabling the outputs, CE and OE active LOW, while WE remains inactive or HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the location addressed by the information on address pins are present on the eight data input/output pins.


The input/output pins remain in a high impedance state unless the chip is selected, outputs are enabled, and write enable (WE) is HIGH.



CY62256NLL-70PXC Pin Configuration

CY62256NLL-70PXC Pin Configuration

Figure: CY62256NLL-70PXC Pin Configuration


CY62256NLL-70PXC Logic Block Diagram

CY62256NLL-70PXC Logic Block Diagram

Figure: CY62256NLL-70PXC Logic Block Diagram


CY62256NLL-70PXC Features

■ Temperature ranges

❐ Commercial: 0 °C to +70 °C

❐ Industrial: –40 °C to +85 °C

❐ Automotive-A: –40 °C to +85 °C

❐ Automotive-E: –40 °C to +125 °C

■ High speed: 55 ns

■ Voltage range: 4.5 V to 5.5 V operation

■ Low active power

❐ 275 mW (max)

■ Low standby power (LL version)

❐ 82.5 mW (max)

■ Easy memory expansion with CE and OE Features

■ TTL-compatible inputs and outputs

■ Automatic power-down when deselected

■ CMOS for optimum speed and power

■ Available in Pb-free and non Pb-free 28-pin (600-mil) PDIP,

28-pin (300-mil) narrow SOIC, 28-pin TSOP I, and 28-pin

reverse TSOP I packages


CY62256NLL-70PXC Maximum Ratings

Exceeding maximum ratings may impair the useful life of the device. These user guidelines are not tested.

Storage temperature ................................ –65℃ to +150℃

Ambient temperature with power applied .......................................... –55℃ to +125℃

Supply voltage to ground potential(pin 28 to pin 14) .....................................–0.5 V to +7.0 V

DC voltage applied to outputs in high Z State ................................ -0.5 V to VCC + 0.5 V

DC input voltage ............................. –0.5 V to VCC + 0.5 V


CY62256NLL-70PXC Datasheet

You can download the datasheet from the link given below:

CY62256NLL-70PXC Datasheet


CY62256NLL-70PXC Specifications

Type Description
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Mfr Cypress Semiconductor Corp
Series MoBL®
Product Status Obsolete
Memory Type Volatile
Memory Format SRAM
Technology SRAM - Asynchronous
Memory Size 256Kb (32K x 8)
Memory Interface Parallel
Write Cycle Time - Word, Page 70ns
Access Time 70 ns
Voltage - Supply 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 70°C (TA)
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package / Case 28-DIP (0.600", 15.24mm)
Supplier Device Package 28-PDIP
Base Product Number CY62256


CY62256NLL-70PXC Manufacturer

On April 1st, 1999, Siemens Semiconductors became Infineon Technologies. A dynamic more flexible company geared towards success in the competitive, ever-changing world of microelectronics.


Infineon is a leading global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of semiconductors used in various microelectronic applications. Infineon's product portfolio consists of logic products, including digital, mixed-signal, and analog integrated circuits, as well as discrete semiconductor products.


Using Warning

Note: Please check their parameters and pin configuration before replacing them in your circuit.



What do you mean by static RAM?

SRAM (static RAM) is a type of random access memory (RAM) that retains data bits in its memory as long as power is being supplied. Unlike dynamic RAM (DRAM), which must be continuously refreshed, SRAM does not have this requirement, resulting in better performance and lower power usage.


What is difference between dynamic RAM and static RAM?

Static RAM is fast and expensive, and dynamic RAM is less expensive and slower. Therefore static RAM is used to create the CPU's speed-sensitive cache, while dynamic RAM forms the larger system RAM space.


What is the purpose of SRAM?

An SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) is designed to fill two needs: to provide a direct interface with the CPU at speeds not attainable by DRAMs and to replace DRAMs in systems that require very low power consumption. In the first role, the SRAM serves as cache memory, interfacing between DRAMs and the CPU.


What is IC and its uses?

Integrated Circuits or an IC is defined as a microchip on which thousands and hundreds of electrical components, such as resistors, capacitors and transistors, are fabricated. An IC functions as an oscillator, amplifier, microprocessor, timer or as computer memory.


How is IC classified?

Integrated circuits can be broadly classified into analog, digital and mixed signal, consisting of analog and digital signaling on the same IC. Digital integrated circuits can contain billions of logic gates, flip-flops, multiplexers, and other circuits in a few square millimeters.




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